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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  July 29, 2010 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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department says this is a historic late spring/summer is one of bricks are the worst. this year, and especially large spike. >> and these cases are four times of what we sell all last year. we're tough on seeing a lot more. >> babies are given to, for coming six months inoculations. at 2, 4, six months, and if they do not get a booster? takthe can in fact the babies which are at highest risk. >> and people who do not have insurance? and indeed the inoculation? and at $15, they can get the inoculation. and reporting, with kron 4 news. >> city, state, and a balanced budget is the rare thing. however, vicki liviakis de san
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francisco. >> pellets and the budget is a balancing act and the trick is not only to spread the wealth and to share the pain. san francisco is doing both after cutting costs and deals with city employees. they have signed off on the 2010/2011 budget but the cuts. reduction in overtime, and layoffs of hundreds of city workers. the good news is that the $6.5 billion paget budget is balanced. and closes the deficit without raising taxes. to trim the fat but not all to the bone, city salaries and positions were cut by 10 percent, over time by 16 percent. at the same time, $345 million in cash to be spent for infrastructure, streets, parks, education, and a youth summer jobs program. and
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to protect the universal health care program, help the san francisco. after a scandal at the city's crime wrap, 11 million is marked for that. and 1 billion towards public safety the budget includes no police, firefighters layoffs. in san francisco, the keep libya caucus, kron 4 news. vicki liviakis >> and also, taxing tourists is a way to fill the gap without touching locals. and as this resort tax is coming from mayor kevin news in. >> and tourists checking and, could be paying more money. and a proposal on the ballot would increase the hotel tax by 2%. and close the tax loophole with online reservations. >> the benefits it to recover
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costs for city services are public protection services, police, fire, and all of these are things that we can help us to recover. >> supervisor says that the comptroller's office says that this tax will generate $6 million per year. >> a terrible idea. >> san francisco mayor, gavin newson, and making san francisco the highest total tax in the nation could drive away convention business for several years to come. >> it is devastating for job creation, job growth in the reputation of san francisco. new york city made this in the 1970's and they recorded it and the 1970's. and with 17.5 percent hotel tax. >> the mayor is offering a competing measure that does not raise the hotel tax but poses more tax loophole that will
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generate $0.5 million per year. >> hotels, there's a lot of stake. if this passes? it is the vote that gets the most votes. >> and kron 4 news crews all over the bay area, important. here's a quick look at five stories into 0.5 minutes. >> at the oakland federal building, people and protesters have gathered about sounding of about the arizona immigration law. >> we are protesting here and racial laws like arizona, and to shed a light on impoenforcement >> there is a criminalization of immigrants in this country and that is the issue have, today. >> we have to be organized to stop this law, and not only in arizona across the bay. haaziq madyun >> and also, 50 firefighters were laid off over the weekend because the union could not come
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up with a contract agreement with the city. station 30 will be closed. those crew of fighters will only be opened sporadically, and other cutbacks and reduce the number of engines to fight fires. >> and with the 50 people laid off, there will be in a priority of getting rehired. although, that is uncertain. and >> week to, the dispute of the ac transit continues. there are more soccer ssix calls and, andy will hear these issues and decide weather a new contract would be imposed on workers should be thrown out. ac transit says that will help bridge their deficit and without it? there will be in the rest, and ending weekend service and that decision was made it will likely appeal it. christine connolly, kron 4 news. >> san francisco police department is doing some new transportation, equipment is the t-three f scooter. it is like a
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sedgeway but with three wheels, and these are on loan for the department. for efficiency, dependent ability, and 80 mi. per hour, and eight hours on a charge. -18 mi. per hour, and they're attracted to the cost savings, it is on the $1 for eight hours. a police cruiser is $40 per vitor shaft. >> and san francisco, the coyotes that are living in glen canyon park. when the cat is been eaten, and there is safety of children attending a summer stcamp and a nursery school. some would like to see them up real accordrelocated, and they'g that this is part of the ecosystem and not dangerous to humans. maureen kelly, kron 4 news. ♪
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>> mostly sunny skies this afternoon with fog clinging to the coastline. although some breaks along the coast in the cloud coverage. temperatures are warmer bay area wide. and the inland is the most, with almost 10 degrees higher inland. 80 degrees in antioch is our warmest spot. also mild in the north bay, five degrees warmer. 70 degrees in napa, 78 degrees in santa rosa, and on the coast? a few degrees down, actually. that fog is hanging on longer and the 24 hour temperature change, net decrease warmer in livermore. five degrees and fairfield, and even novado. we will continue with these mild weather trend over the next couple of days. here is a look at tonight, tomorrow, fog on the coastline and oil spill into the bay but not extensive. tomorrow morning, a patchy along the coast and into the day. and sunny skies will warm just a
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bit and we're seeing today details on your extended forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you, jacqueline and a live look at his santa bridge. the westbound is under right on your right side. 
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this just in to the kron 4 news room they san francisco woman has been a arrested and charged for grand theft auto, with apartment renters. rachel smith would advertise apartments for rent on the crags list. after collecting the deposit, they would tell that the renters could not move in right away. and $20,000 has been stolen from a four victim's and police are looking for more victims.
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she is out on bail. >> and back toward developing story, though oil in the gulf appears to be going faster than expected. the obama administration that the static khalkha began earlier than late sunday. that was the original date, the mo/cement, through a relief well. and that would be sealed with cement. that would stop the leak for good. despite the good news, we are not in the clear as yet. >> humpy dhabi has already fallen and you are never going to recover quickly, and that is an optimistic projection. we have to reap recognize that most of bit is still up there, 17, 18 larger than the exxon bell says. this is a much larger spill and with learned that previous as well as many other oil spills that the affect could last for
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decades. >> and nat nathaniel said that the little chance to towards reaching the east coast. >> and a dramatic turnaround on offshore drilling. the new survey had little confidence in the government's ability to prevent future catastrophes. >> californians have no desire to see their pelican's coated with oil. three months later, the public policy institute of california found support for offshore drilling and tanked. last year, but gas prices soared most people supported offshore drilling. the latest numbers show a 16. shift, 59 percent are against it and it could be because it took so long to cap this oil well in the gulf. and how competent the oil can be prevented by the government? only 7 percent said. compaq, 21 said fairly competent, and 37
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percent said they had no confidence at all. >> the change in public sentiment is not include the republican candidates. carly fiorina and meg whitman both support all short drilling. ♪ >> support offshore drilling. >> and one half has fog, one- half has a sunny skies, and inland is warmer about a 10 degrees and dan yesterday. also warmer in the north bay, 77 degrees in santa rosa. temperatures closer to the coastline are where there were yesterday or a few degrees cooler. it is cooler in san francisco. with that fog sticking around and our weather headlines, the fog is clinging along the coast and some sunshine along the san mateo coast and north bay. and that fog will stay and moved in
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earlier tomorrow and last night. qamar, less fog, mild conditions for tomorrow. temperatures are going to stay below normal. to take a look at the fog tracker tomorrow morning it is not going to be dead extensive fish. by 6:00 a.m., inland will be clear. half it is not going to be that extensive. so it is going to be nice and warm in napa, santa rosa, and oakland, hayward will press towards the coast line and short in the afternoon hours. and here it kron 4 7 day around the bay again, the fog out there tomorrow morning but it is going to continue with less and less extensive as we head into the weekend. temperatures are going to be on the miles of the still below average and as we go next week? that dense fog will return with cooler temperatures. >> decision 2010, and new poll that california's are evenly split between the candidates in the race for governor, senate.
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30 pe37% are for governor brownd 43 percent are for meg whitman. 39 persons are ssupporting barbara boxer, and carly fiorina had 34 percent. all all of those, one-in for people are still, undecided. the july toll increase. >> before this, 114,000 pay the regular toll and now, 849th your bo driver. and also, they found that since july 1st. the number of cars and car pool lane has fallen 20,000 per day on all
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bridges. carpoolers need a fast track attack. you can see that yellow had one on the july 1st. 42 percent. too fast for:11 days and it is a spike of 77%. 72 percent, and at the same time, to ingestion pricing was also implemented at the bay bridge. with slightly more traffic at 4:00 a.m., 58 m right before that togo's at 6:00 a.m. and slightly less traffic at 5 more traffic and the toll is decreasing. last year, it took them 19 extra minutes to the bay bridge toll plaza. this year, only 10 extra minutes. reggie kumar, kron 4 news. >> and another look at the james. slow in all directions. >> and a programming note. with the changes, dateline will be
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here at 8, and then a special 90 minute of the kron 4 news at 10:00 p.m. and then, the episode of dr. phil will be airing at 3:00 p.m. and the smackdown will be moving to saturday at 7:00 p.m.
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>> it is not just getting on the city bus, it is also off the city bus as stanley roberts shows us in this edition of people behaving badly. >> as this bus stop is at fourth street, market street, but attention to the woman in a red. she is blocking the door, and passengers are still trying to exit the city bus she is trying to get on the city bus. the lady in the blue jacket wants off but is having difficulty because of notes nobody is getting out of her wake. at the center of the doors, the same problems, people are avoiding as people are trying to exit. >> and another said the bus, and
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people that wanted to board this, crowded at the door. it is difficult to see but look closely, there are two people trying to exit at the same time. and if you go and ride public transportation? it would be nice if you would wait to people to disembark. here is another example. this woman, she stopped to pick up something and blocking the door. and then she is told to wait as the driver is helping a disabled passengers. >> and if you are all in their rush? please just wait and if not? another city bus. and perhaps muni. and for this gentleman? thank you. in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> e-mail us at:
4:57 pm ♪ >> to take a live look of side it or correct a satellite picture the fog is hugging the coastline. still filling in part of san francisco however some of bricks of sunshine along the coast. even on the fog is still along the coast, warmer temperatures, everywhere bay wide except for the half moon bay and san francisco. a man the up by 10 degrees, 88 degrees and a fairfield, 87 degrees in antioch. mainly in the north bay, will be mild with the upper 70's. and the south bay. to look at tonight, tomorrow, the fog of depressing in overnight. not as extensive tomorrow morning. patchy along the coast and temperatures a bit warmer inland. we will reach the upper 80s, not quite the '90s. and kron 4 7 day around the bay
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the fog is not going to be as extensive through this weekend but temperatures will still be below average. that trend will continue as we will head into next week as that fog continues to stay with us and return. stay with us, we will be right back.
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